I’m back in the blogging world!!! Hopefully lasting longer this time, I went on a long hiatus mainly because I was busy getting ready for my Family Day Care business that opened November last year and have been trying to settle into the business while juggling having a baby too. I find blogging hard to keep up when there are other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Anyway, I thought I will restart my blogging journey (YET AGAIN!) by sharing my Instagram account – Little hands Learning that I have dedicated to sharing kids activities that I do with bub and also children in my family day care. Before I started my family day care, I used to share activities you could do with babies from 4-8 months old. But once I started my family day care, I focused more of my energy on setting activities for 18 months to 4 years old.

I have joined this group of Instagram mums and teachers who would do the same, and we learn from each other and share ideas as well. I wished I knew of this community while I was still teaching because I would have gotten so many more ideas. They often reveal the reality of motherhood and/or being in the classroom and I find encouragement in the fact that I am not going through this season alone. A few months later, I started an Facebook page as well as some of my friends didn’t have an Instagram account. I don’t update it as much, but I do share some of my kids activities on it.

The aim of my activities are to show that you don’t need highly complicated toys to engage children and many times you can find random things in the household to do so. I am a strong believer of open-ended passive toys that require children to use their imagination to manipulate the toy. It helps the child to develop creativity, curiosity, motor and problem solving skills and helps them to be an active learner.

If you are still looking for more kids activities ideas or inspiration for you pre-schooler, feel free to follow my Instagram or Facebook.

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