Now… I don’t know about you… our number of kids parties to attend has increased exponentially since having a kid. This month alone… I have 4 parties not including my own daughter’s. I guess that’s pretty much a party every weekend! I often find myself in a dilemma of what to get for them. Because as a parent, the worst outcome would be more clutter in the house. And I always thought what if I bought them something they already have, especially when we all love to shop at Kmart, Target and Big W!

Sooooo…. I have came up with a solution to help myself this year, and maybe it might be some form of help to you too?

  • Gift cards – Ok, this might look like I didn’t put any thought into the gift, but the kid or the parent would get to choose the best gift for themselves. I know I always appreciate gift cards 😛 Or you can get specialty gift cards like The Toybrary if you are based in Brisbane. In fact that’s what we got all our march friends, because it is such a practical gift. You could choose toys that they will enjoy and if you like the service, you can keep going. We are definitely a fan of the The Toybrary here, but we’ll save that for another post.

  • Shop at specialty online shops – Here are some of my favourites that we have shopped at or owned their products: The Creative Toy Shop, Oh Ivy, and Kind to Kidz. We got Annabel a Grimm’s 7 Rainbow Friends in Bowls from The Creative Toy Shop for her birthday and she’s loving it. And because it is so open ended, she can keep playing with it as she grows. Just be warned, Oh Ivy’s animals are addictive to collect, we have 3 rounds of orders and I still want more. These animals are beautiful for imaginary play! We received a beautiful Qtoys wooden ball drop toy (image above) from Kind to Kidz who sells great quality products and if you are a lover of wooden toys like me then you are sure to love them! Many of the toys I choose to invest in are open-ended and educational. They help develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, imagination, language, and so much more!
  • Subscriptions – I can’t wait for bub to be old enough so that I can get some of these subscriptions for her. Some of the ones I am interested in include My Creative box and Lit Create Joy.
  • Books. You can never have enough books, and there’s so many good ones out there. For Bub’s birthday this year, we requested books from our close friends because she has too many clothes and toys already, and books just seemed to have a long lasting value on it and children don’t seem to get sick of books as easily as they do with toys.
  • Ask the parent – If all else fails, just ask the parent. 🙂

That’s just my two cents worth anyways for anyone who often find themselves stuck with what to get kids for birthdays. I want to still teach bub to appreciate all gifts from people because receiving gifts it’s not an entitlement, it’s a kindness. 🙂

*This post contains affiliate links.*

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