This weekly themed learning has been working out for us so far. Annabel is one curious little one and would be generally interested with whatever I place in front of her. After making the rice shaker for her out of a recycled bottle, I noticed that she is particularly interested in anything that makes a sound. So last week we focused on the topic of “what makes a sound?”


We had a basket of wooden instruments and she loved it prowling into the basket to see what was in there. I demonstrated to her how to use each of the instruments and the sound it makes, that got her really excited. She was able to copy me with the shaking of the bells. Obviously the castanets were too hard for her to play, but she had fun hitting them on the ground with the palm of her hand. She was intrigued by all the different sounds it made but I could tell the bells were her favourite.


On Tuesdays or Wednesdays, we typically attend a baby singing and rhyme session at our local library. And that definitely exposes Annabel to lots of music and singing, and we borrowed some picture books about music and/or sounds. Our favourite was the “Little Blue Truck”, I would highly recommend you read it if you haven’t. Annabel loved it and we read it over and over. It has sounds of vehicles and animals, and I even made up some of my own sounds along the way. Annabel had some hand me down books from her cousins too and we thought Noisy Noisy Fart was in line with our topic of the week. It has buttons to press which imitates our bodily sounds, it was pretty funny.


I also set up an invitation of different pots and containers to act as drums for her to play, though I figured she was a little bit too young to grasp the concept of using a stick or spoon in our case to hit the drums. She had more fun trying to flip all the containers to their sides. But when I played the drums, she would pause and look up at me. She realised that I was making some form of noise. Eventually she sort of got the idea that if she hit any two objects together, they would make a noise, so every time I passed her the spoon, she would throw it at the containers. It was most likely a fluke! HAHAHAHA…


We ended this topic by exploring sounds outdoors. We decided to take a walk one evening and I chatted to her about the different sounds we could hear, such as the zooming of cars, rustling of leaves, dogs barking, birds chirping. She loved being outside, the weather was perfect. We enjoyed exploring sounds last week… and this week… we are going to focus on books because it’s BOOK WEEK in Australia and I will set up some activities related to different books we read. I will also share a list of our favourite books… stay tune!

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