What better to rekindle my blog than our wedding post. Our journey so far since friendship, to courtship, to engagement and now marriage, it all seems so surreal. I’ll spill some insides to our story. Up to this day, I am thankful that my mentor (Caitlyn Keasberry) who delegated to me the task of arranging our life group’s accommodation in Melbourne 2011, for without that, I would not have started talking to Z, trying to sort our rooms for the entire UQ district to squeeze into Hotel Formule One. (PS: If your leader asks you to do something, do it, because you might meet your future partner! 😛)


Funnily, Z and I started to talking about random things then on… I recalled proudly telling him that I was going to fly to Sydney just to watch Luo Zhi Xiang’s (Taiwanese pop star) concert, I bet he never thought he would marry this crazy girl.


Fast forward a couple of months, we happened to be serving together at the same session of CCM Conference 2011, where I was program manager and he was on visuals. In all my clumsiness, I kicked one of those foldable tables and it came tumbling down and I saw this bright and shinning knight riding on a horse, I mean Z running from afar trying “save” me, by that I mean pick the table up so I could stand up. It’s not really as dramatic as I make it sound, but I am a writer so forgive me. The friendship began to blossom even more, feelings developed, we served in the same ministry and wah la, we began our journey of always and forever!!! I foresee repeating this story over and over when my kids ask “mummy, how did you and daddy meet?”


The wedding day was beautiful, it was as if God gave us the most beautiful day for a warm winter wedding, especially since it was raining a few days before. I was excited and nervous at the same time! I had 4 beautiful girls who joked around with me to calm my nerves. I am also thankful for the boys who made sure the Z didn’t decide to runaway at the last minute.


Once I reached Unidusour wedding ceremony venue, the place Z and I call home, the church where we met, everything seemed to zoom past. Suddenly it was “I now pronounce you husband and wife and you may now kiss the bride!” Woooo I’ll admit, I was blown away by Z’s romantic drop down kiss, totally threw me by surprise but hey, as the wifey, we always follow the husband’s lead!


We couldn’t be more thankful for all our family and friends who made this day SUPER DUPER special, cos it would have been a real bore if it was just the two of us! A big shout out to both our life groups and all our church friends for all their tireless help to make the day so perfect, from the decorations to the food, to the running of the entire day.


And to our wonderful photographers and videographer team, One Mustard Seed, absolutely fun to be with, no stress, no fuss, just pure awesomeness. They also introduced us to the “secret garden”, loved that place for our photoshoot, the bridal party were so sporting which made it even more fun! Our caterer, Taste of Penang for their authentic and generous food that left a lot of praises from our guests. Eloquent weddings for building that beautiful arbour for us, loved it to bits and it became the highlight of our photo taking. Lombari & Co who gave us such a good deal on the Tiffany chairs to match the vintage style I wanted. To my confident make up artist, Cherry She who made sure I looked like myself and not some over done doll that no one would recognise! I am also so grateful for Angela from La Vita Brides who found my dream gown at a total steal. Trust me girls, it’s good to have a idea of the dress you want but don’t be to adamant on it, because I wanted a mermaid cut the whole time, but realised that a princess A-line cut fit me so much better. And of cause Tatersall’s Club, our reception venue which we adored. Oh and if you are into it, we had customised converse shoes with Mr Liu & Mrs Liu embroidered on it, which we ordered from the US.


Definitely a day to be remembered. After the entire day, Z and I felt so thankful and blessed by all our loved ones. It couldn’t be more perfect.

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9

(All photo credits: One Mustard Seed, click here to see our entire album)

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