Today is not a special occasion but I just felt like writing this. The past couple weeks have been overwhelming for me with assignment due dates nearing, placement has started, wedding preparations increasing, work commitments, ministry, house renovations all at hand… but I only have a pair of hands. Just two.

While God had everything under control and definitely gave me the strength, he also gave me a good friend, my best bud, my other pillar of support. He has really been a champ the past couple of weeks, he has been helping to hold the fort for our house renovations and wedding preparations while I brave through my assignments and placement. He even helps me proof read my assignments to help get a decent grade.

When I fell sick, he stayed by my side and took care of me. When I felt like crying, he gave me a shoulder to cry on. The worst is not over yet… but today was a break, he took me out for a movie and we just relaxed. It was a time out for me. A time for just us. To do what we like to do. And I feel at peace even with two assignments due this Friday and one next Monday. I feel refreshed.

And while all this drama is going on… he still manages his job and disciple his guys and serve his life group. Here I am, the luckiest girl in the world to have met a guy like him, to have the privilege to begin a journey of forever with him. This is just the beginning of a new season of our beautiful friendship. I am blessed, thankful, and loved.

Thanks Z, you really are a champ!

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