I can understand why this place is popular, but it’s not really my kind of evening dining place. But I reckon I would give a shot for it’s breakfast one day and re-review this place. I am not sure if it is the concept of a bistro but the service was really slow. We arrived at 8.10 but our food did not arrive till 9-ish. I wasn’t impressed.

In terms of their food, it was pretty ordinary. Nothing too spectacular, their plating was not impressive at all. When my pork belly arrived, it didn’t look like something I would pay $31 for. If you foliow me closely, I am a huge fan of pork belly, and if a restaurant has a dish with it, there is a high chance I might order it. On a positive note, the pork was cooked to perfection, where the fats literally melts in your mouth. While the crispy caramelised skin layered looked attractive, and tasted pretty good, but it got stuck in between my teeth, not too good a feeling, especially when you are out on a date. The marinated lamb was alright, cooked nicely though the inside was a little red, but it was still tender. Like I said, food was average, nothing outstanding.

The ambience was pretty nice, I like how they decorated their courtyard with fairy lights, a nice chill out atmosphere. The inside of the bar was a little rowdy for me, but I suppose that’s what a bar is like. I preferred the courtyard. It wasn’t too bad an experience overall, certainly not my best, but I reckon their breakfast is worth a shot, so stay tune for that. The best part of the dinner was that Lock ‘n’ load is one of the restaurants on the entertainment book, so we paid two meals for the price of one.

If you are food fanatic, I definitely recommend you to invest in one of these entertainment book.

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