It’s great to have a close girl friend who is equally passionate about cafe hunting as you… so when you decide on a place for catch ups, we are always looking for somewhere new to try. And Eurovida was cafe stop no.7. Both my friend and I decided to stop by for lunch. I had the house cured Salmon, and it was delicious, I clearly remembered an explosion of taste in my mouth in my first bite. Am I exaggerating? One way to find out… come try it for yourself! The plating was spectacular. The only downside for me was that the portion was a little bit small, even for a small eater like me! Either that, or I was just really hungry that day. Their homemade iced lemon tea was pretty good though!

In terms of their layout and interiors of the cafe, nothing really wowed me. The lighting in the cafe was a little bit too dark for me, but hey, that’s just a personal preference. Some people do like it this way. I still prefer my light hearted, wooden based, sun pouring in through the windows kind of cafe, that’s why places like the Cirque and Hamptoms are still a personal favourite. I reckon these dimmer places are perfect for an evening meal, which Eurovida do open for dinners! So if you are looking for a date night, it’s worth a drop by.

The service alright, the staff seemed quite attentive, though a little friendlier might have made the experience a tad better. The food was good, but I felt that their price was a little steep for their portions. Then again, after reading all the other blogger reviews about how fantastic the breakfast is… I reckon I should come again and give their breakfast a shot.

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