Lady Lamington, Fortitude Valley

I have been procrastinating all my blog posts for so long. Life’s been a little bit busier than normal this april. Anyway… driving along Brunswick St in the Valley has caught my attention for Cafe Stop no.6. It really stood out to me when I drove by, and thought to myself, I should come here for a visit. And when I finally had a chance, I walked in with such high expectations… the pretty interior decorations was an instant plus point to me. They didn’t have an all day breakfast, and by the time arrived, they have stopped serving lunch, so I was pretty much stuck with their desserts and bar snacks. To be honest, which was not much a selection to choose from.

I had a chocolate mousse with crumbles and caramel sauce and biscuits. It was alright… their plating was creative, but it wasn’t worth my 14 dollars. And their banana milkshake was pretty disappointing as well… I paid 21 dollars for both my dessert and milkshake, and I didn’t feel my money well spent. Their service was alright, they were nice enough to keep the kitchen open until my friend arrived. I am not sure if it was just bad timing to go… and I don’t know if I should give them another chance by going there for their breakfast.

One thing I do appreciate about Lady Lamington is that they are opened at nights too. What I really struggle with in Brisbane is looking for places to chill out at night after a nice dinner with a couple of close friends that is not a bar. They do serve alcohol there… but at least there are other options available, e.g. desserts, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Just for your info, there is no free wifi available, I asked, in hope to get some work done. But to my dismay, the information provided wasn’t accurate. Well… I guess that explains their low ratings on Urbanspoon. I heard they just opened not too long ago… let’s give it some time to get it going…

Lady Lamington on Urbanspoon

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