Finally, after being sick for the past week and a half, I am so happy that I can eat normal food again, no more plain bread/toast, steamed food or porridges! Just last Sunday, I visited Flute for cafe stop no.4, located in Rosalie. It was a spontaneous visit because I was told that they had really good hot chocolate! Since I am not a coffee drinker, hot chocolate would be the next best thing! And boy was she right! I have not had hot chocolate served to me in this way before! The milk was served in a huge bowl, and the chocolate served in a shot glass, you could basically adjust the sweetness of your hot chocolate to your liking, which is perfect. I thought that was the best part of my Flute cafe experience.

As for their breakfast, it was pretty good, delicious, but nothing extravagant. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. I had herbed potato cakes topped with honey bacon and an avocado mash on the side while my friend had a mushroom breakfast. It was good, but too much food for me, neither of us could finish our breakfast. I reckon if there were 3 girls, two meals might probably enough to fill our tummies, unless you are a huge eater 🙂 One a side note, their poached eggs looked like spaceships to me, I thought it was pretty special, something different. Price wise… it was pretty costly for breakfast, I ended up paying about $24 for my breakfast and hot chocolate. Not something I would be willing to pay for every weekend’s breakfast, but since I was sick all week, I rewarded myself with something a little bit more luxurious.

Staff was pretty attentive, I was welcomed at the front and instantly led to a table. They were polite and helpful. The ambience was nice, not too noisy, perfect for a catch up for my friend and I. There’s a choice of indoor and outdoor setting. Decorations is rather simple and neat, thus not making it cluttered. Overall, it was a positive experience for me, I would give it a 2 thumbs up. If not for their overpriced breakfast, I would probably visit it more often.

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