And cafe stop no.3 is Dandelion & Driftwood located in Hendra, Clayfield. This place was recommended by a friend of mine who is another cafe lover like me. A nicely decorated little cafe with both indoor and outdoor settings. Despite being a very small cafe, they did their best to accommodate a group of 12 of us in their little garden at the part, thankfully last Saturday’s weather was bearable for having breakfast outdoors.

A place that is well-known for their coffee, special coffee extraction methods, and staff who are knowledgeable and knew their what they are talking about. When asked to explain the differences, all of them could give a reasonably good explanation. But as all my readers would know by now… I don’t drink coffee, so I wasn’t very interested. One of my friend who is learning to be a coffee nerd, wanted to learn more about how their extract their coffee, so the staff was very willing to give us a live demonstration of how they did it. He explained every step of the way… but it all sounded like gibberish to me. My friend on the other hand was listening intently! I was just busy taking photos! So far… every review I have read, the coffee has been given exceptionally high ratings. So it must be really good! I tried their ice chocolate, and I was quite disappointed. It wasn’t as good as I hoped, it tasted a little blend.

Most cafe I visit, I look forward to their breakfast menu. I wasn’t very impressed with this one. Most of the menu was just different kinds of toasts. They did have some pastries like tarts and cakes. But that was about it. Nothing too fancy or great about their breakfast. If you are going there just for their breakfast, it’s definitely not worth the drive. But if you are a huge coffee lover, this might a heaven on earth for you. Dandelion & Driftwood really focuses on what they are good at, which is none other than their coffee! I still did like their atmosphere and cafe deco. I didn’t regret going there for a visit. Maybe if I weren’t the one driving, I wouldn’t mind going again 😛

I have to praise the excellent service! Once we walked in, we were directed to our reserved table, they often checked if we were alright and needed anything else. They were all dressed formally despite the hot weather, talk about professionalism! Very polite and friendly people! Anyway… all 12 of us did enjoy the visit to the cafe. Definitely a place for coffee enthusiasts!

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