That’s right! My cafe hunting for 2012 has officially begin! And the first stop was Hamptons Home Living on 180 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. Another girly up-class hangout, though not as girly as Comfort at my table, which I think its a good thing. So if we do go with a mixed gender group of people, the guys won’t feel weird with pretty wall stickers and flowers everywhere. The Hamptons sounds like a place where people like Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf would hangout. The perfect place for a girly day out, a date or even a lifegroup hangout (maybe not all 30 people at one time though).

It’s a nice kitchen and home living shop as well, my kind of shop. Though at the moment, it’s only window shopping for me. Without a permanent home, I resisting the urge to invest into things like these! The cafe has both indoor and outdoor setting, so it’s pretty good to have either options. I choose to sit on the veranda today, which gave us a nice overlooking view of Brisbane city. The staff were very friendly, and thats always adds to the experience!

The price is pretty reasonable, maybe a little bit more expensive compared to Comfort at my Table, but I guess you do “pay” for the ambience as well. Their main breakfast meals range between $9 for a simple muesli toast to $22 for a big breakfast. I tired smoked bacon with corn fritters and a salad today and my date had a baked eggs with slow cooked tomatoes for $17 each. We ordered a coffee and a hot chocolate for about $3.30.

Surprisingly it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be for a Saturday morning breakfast. There was practically no one when I arrived at about 8.30am, but when we left, almost all the seats were taken up. I prefer The Hamptons compared to other cafes in Paddington like Anouk, its much classier, cheaper and not overrated! I would really highly recommend this cafe to others. I definitely looking forward to another visit to this place.

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